The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

Mechanic Changing Engine Oil¬†When it comes to auto maintenance few things are as important as routine oil changes. This quick service is necessary for several important reasons to ensure that your vehicle does not suffer from any major engine issues. Our mechanics constantly see the difference in vehicles that have been serviced regularly and those that haven’t. Plugged oil pump inlet screens, lifter or other engine noises, stuck piston rings, loss of oil pressure, premature engine wear or failure – all symptoms of extended oil changes.

What exactly does oil do for your car and why is it so important to change it frequently? Oil is the main lubricator for all the moving parts in your engine, as well as keeping those moving parts cool. It’s very important because without oil (or without quality oil) your car’s engine could be at risk to damage from metal on metal contact and overheating.

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Signs That Your Transmission Is Bad

Woman On Side of RoadA person should never ignore or treat lightly the slightest sign that there could be a problem with their car’s transmission. Such signs are clear indications there your vehicle’s transmission needs immediate attention.

For many car owners, however, the transmission is one of the most intimidating parts of the car. It is naturally scary to people who lack automotive experience because they know if the transmission in their car goes out that first, their car won’t move, and, second, repairing or replacing it will probably bust their budget. Instead, they choose to ignore the warning signs.

Of course, to people who are automotive experts or are exceptionally adept with cars, transmissions seem to be an area that is only slightly problematic. For amateurs, however, anything concerning their car’s transmission can be absolutely bewildering to them.

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Strange Noises You May Hear Coming From Your Car

Woman On Side of RoadClicking, popping, clunking. Strange car noises may be annoying or even harmless, or they may be signs of something more ominous. There are certain noises that are so irritating that you can only ignore them for so long. What’s more, they may be signaling there is a serious problem.

When your car is making a strange noise, you will listen carefully and wonder where the noise is coming from. You also wonder if maybe it will go away on its own. The car may even hiss and whine like it’s alive.

Like people, cars communicate when something is wrong. In fact, taking your car to a mechanic is similar to when you are sick and go to a doctor. You describe your physical symptoms to your doctor, and in a similar way you describe your car’s symptoms to a mechanic.

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Good Mobile Apps For Car Maintenance

Young Woman Using SmartphoneThanks to recent technological developments in many of today’s leading smart phones, numerous cell phone users are now able to better manage and organize several different areas of their busy lives. One of the many ways that mobile phone users are able to keep better track of their lives is with mobile apps designed specifically for car maintenance.

These apps are for people who want to keep their cars in optimum working order.
Therefore, most car maintenance apps store a convenient service history so that you will never have to worry about when your car needs its transmission fluid checked again, or next oil change, or when you last replaced your battery. Smart phone owners with a car maintenance app can make entries on the go and keep important data organized with just a few taps of the finger.

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How to Get Your Car Ready for the Winter Season

Mechanic Working On CarWhether you are a permanent resident of the cold-winter portion of the country or are just heading up north for the holiday season, it is important that if you are facing cold winter temperatures you have a basic understanding of how to winterize your car. No matter what type of vehicle you may own preparing an automobile for the winter weather season is absolutely essential.

Even people who have been dealing with winter weather most of their lives can use a few tips and reminders on how to get their car ready for the winter season and be prepared to handle the rigors that cold weather can put on an automobile. Having this information handy is a great way to make sure that your car doesn’t get damaged in extreme cold temperatures and that your automobile is able to operate as it should during the winter months.

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