Three Important Components In Comparing Tires

Stack of TiresChoosing the right tires for your car is an important decision that may affect safety, comfort and driving dynamics. It doesn’t matter how expensive your car is, if you select the wrong tires, all that luxury may become futile.  The wrong tires may create an unpredictable and unsafe driving environment.

Prioritize road safety by investing in the right tires.Take time to compare tire brands and tire models. Remember that the ideal car tire is a balance of various characteristics.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) established the Uniform Tire Quality Grading Standards (UTQGS) to help consumers select the right tires.

Take note of tread wear, traction and temperature grading when comparing one tire brand and model to another. Tire manufacturers are required by the federal government to place important information about these 3 components on the sidewall of the tire. The ratings come from the tire manufacturers. The 3 codes are generally found close to the tire’s tread. They are usually indicated on all-season and summer tires; however, not all snow tires have this.

The following may help you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing new tires.

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Five Essential Fluids to Keep Your Car in Tiptop Shape

Oil ChangeStart the year right by giving your car the care that it deserves. The health of your car is your responsibility.  Keep your car in tiptop condition by checking and changing the fluids. Think of your car as if it’s a human that needs to drink in order to survive.  Without the right fluids, your car will experience problems and eventually fail.  Proper maintenance involves checking and changing the fluids in your car regularly.

Before going on a road trip, make sure that you inspect the levels of your fluids.  Do not let them fall below their minimum level or worse dry out.  Doing so is like inviting disaster to strike!

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5 Signs Your Car Needs Tire Replacement

Punctured Car TireLike any other part of a car, the tires get old and worn out over time, and it’s important to know when the tires are in bad shape. This way, the driver can replace the old tires with new ones before any accidents, or other problems occur.

There are several things a driver can check to see if tire replacement is needed.

Most important!

Why is it too dangerous to drive your vehicle with tires that have very little tire tread?

  1. You have no traction when applying brakes
  2. It is extremely dangerous when the road is wet
  3. Brakes can easily lock up causing the vehicle to spin around rather than stopping

Real life Experience with bald tires

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4 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Mechanic Checking OilWith the current economic downturn, people are cutting corners wherever they can. As a consequence, more automobile owners are keeping their cars for a longer period of time.

For many struggling families buying a new car is out of the question. According to the AAA, U.S. car dealers on average sell seventeen million cars a year. This year auto sales are projected to dwindle to nine million.

Fewer new cars sold means that more and more older cars will be in need of fixing up. In good economic times, when it comes to performing routine maintenance, most people normally take their cars to a mechanic. However, many people these days cannot afford expensive mechanic costs and are therefore tackling routine maintenance and auto repairs on their own.

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Benefits of a Roadside Assistance Plan

You’re getting ready to take a trip in your car. In preparation you’ve had some extensive car repairs done. Before departing you have checked every fluid level, plus as back up you have packed some coolant and extra quarts of oil.

You are now about two hundred miles from home and trying to find your first stop, which happens to be in a big city in the “not so great part of town” when you glance at the car gauges and see the temperature gauge go from normal to the hot zone.

You hold your breath and slowly make your way to the exit just five hundred yards away and into the parking lot of a questionable looking motel. At least it has adequate lighting. It is now starting to get dark in a bad part of town, and you are stranded with car problems.

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