Searching for the Best Auto Repair Shop? Look for AAA Approved

Just over 251 million people drive automobiles everyday in the United States. Of those 251 million, nearly 50 million of those people are AAA (American Automobile Association, Inc.) members. In 1975, AAA addressed one of the most common customer complaints- unsatisfactory auto repairs by establishing the Approved Auto Repair (AAR) program. The AAR program addresses this issue by directing it’s members to AAA-approved repair facilities that meet and maintain high professional standards. Since the program began in 1975, over 7,700 automotive repair facilities have been approved in the United States and Canada. At first, the program only certified general mechanical repair facilities. As time went on, however, AAA clubs have been able to certify both collision repair centers and specialty auto service facilities as well.

The AAR program utilizes a very strenuous approval process to ensure that the quality of work done at all AAR approved facilities meets their strict standards of customer service and quality. In order to apply for the program, the repair facility must have been in business for a minimum of one year, be willing to abide by the terms of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Program contract, and pay the yearly dues fee.

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