Good Mobile Apps For Car Maintenance

Young Woman Using SmartphoneThanks to recent technological developments in many of today’s leading smart phones, numerous cell phone users are now able to better manage and organize several different areas of their busy lives. One of the many ways that mobile phone users are able to keep better track of their lives is with mobile apps designed specifically for car maintenance.

These apps are for people who want to keep their cars in optimum working order.
Therefore, most car maintenance apps store a convenient service history so that you will never have to worry about when your car needs its transmission fluid checked again, or next oil change, or when you last replaced your battery. Smart phone owners with a car maintenance app can make entries on the go and keep important data organized with just a few taps of the finger.

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Getting Your Car Ready for a Long Trip

Mechanic Inspecting CarNothing spoils a long-awaited road trip or vacation faster than car trouble when you are far from home. No one wants to invest even one minute stranded alongside the road waiting for help or a tow truck. A checkup on your car before departing on your trip could make a big difference.

When to Schedule Your Car for a Safety Inspection

Taking care of car maintenance before you leave will insure that your car takes care of you after you leave. Of course, the easiest way to help safeguard your trip is to take your car to a mechanic before you plan to leave and let him perform a full safety inspection

Be aware, however, that waiting until a week before to take your car in for a safety inspection might not be enough time to correct a major problem if one is discovered. Therefore, when scheduling a time to get your vehicle checked out, you should also factor in possible repair time.

Taking your car to a repair shop two weeks prior to leaving on your trip would allow more flexibility for both you and your mechanic. Even so, many car owners will ask a mechanic to inspect their cars the day before leaving on their trips, not realizing it could potentially alter their travel plans.

A sizable, last minute auto repair could cause a significant delay in your trip. Notwithstanding, having to rent a car for a long trip or vacation could be a real budget buster.

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Dealership Service Centers vs. Smaller Repair Shops

Mechanic Working On CarAside from deciding which vehicle to invest in, perhaps no automotive decision is quite as important as the repair place you choose to perform general maintenance and service on your vehicle. When you entrust the working condition of your vehicle to another, you are quite literally putting your life and the life of those you love in their hands. Because of this, you want to ensure that your vehicle is getting the best possible maintenance and service from the most capable hands.

Dealership Warranties

Those who buy from a dealership will be led to believe by the dealership that they should return to the place of purchase for all of their automotive maintenance and repair needs. If your vehicle is still under warranty, the dealership may, in fact, be your best option, especially for required maintenance.

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Five Essential Fluids to Keep Your Car in Tiptop Shape

Oil ChangeStart the year right by giving your car the care that it deserves. The health of your car is your responsibility.  Keep your car in tiptop condition by checking and changing the fluids. Think of your car as if it’s a human that needs to drink in order to survive.  Without the right fluids, your car will experience problems and eventually fail.  Proper maintenance involves checking and changing the fluids in your car regularly.

Before going on a road trip, make sure that you inspect the levels of your fluids.  Do not let them fall below their minimum level or worse dry out.  Doing so is like inviting disaster to strike!

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4 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Mechanic Checking OilWith the current economic downturn, people are cutting corners wherever they can. As a consequence, more automobile owners are keeping their cars for a longer period of time.

For many struggling families buying a new car is out of the question. According to the AAA, U.S. car dealers on average sell seventeen million cars a year. This year auto sales are projected to dwindle to nine million.

Fewer new cars sold means that more and more older cars will be in need of fixing up. In good economic times, when it comes to performing routine maintenance, most people normally take their cars to a mechanic. However, many people these days cannot afford expensive mechanic costs and are therefore tackling routine maintenance and auto repairs on their own.

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