Strange Noises You May Hear Coming From Your Car

Woman On Side of RoadClicking, popping, clunking. Strange car noises may be annoying or even harmless, or they may be signs of something more ominous. There are certain noises that are so irritating that you can only ignore them for so long. What’s more, they may be signaling there is a serious problem.

When your car is making a strange noise, you will listen carefully and wonder where the noise is coming from. You also wonder if maybe it will go away on its own. The car may even hiss and whine like it’s alive.

Like people, cars communicate when something is wrong. In fact, taking your car to a mechanic is similar to when you are sick and go to a doctor. You describe your physical symptoms to your doctor, and in a similar way you describe your car’s symptoms to a mechanic.

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