Possible Issues With Power Steering In Your Car

Mechanic Working On CarAfter WWII, in the early fifties, only one million vehicles had power steering. Within three years one in every four cars sold had power steering. By the sixties, 3.5 million cars purchased had power steering systems.

Today, twenty-first century car owners take this feature for granted, which is only natural. Once an option only on high-end cars, power steering is now standard equipment on nearly every vehicle. In fact, if you don’t want it on your new vehicle, you would have to place a special order.

How Power Steering Became Standard Equipment

Getting from driving a car with a tiller to driving one fitted with a steering wheel, then that wheel being equipped with power steering, is an amazing evolution that continues even today with the inevitable transition from traditional hydraulic power steering to the newest technological advancement in steering, electric power steering.

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