The Importance of Tire Balancing and Wheel Alignment

Tire Balancing and AlignmentYour car is not handling properly. It pulls to one side, vibrates at high speeds, or is just plain difficult to control. These symptoms all point to poor wheel alignment. Listed below are some other signs that you can detect upon a visual inspection of your car. If your tires are out of balance or out of alignment, the following will be apparent:

  • wheels appear cock-eyed
  • body of car is closer to the ground than usual
  • tires are almost worn out

Another sign that the tires on your car may need balancing and alignment is a noticeable drop in gas mileage, which at today’s gas prices can result in a significant amount of money.

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Tire Maintenance Tips: Getting The Most From Your Tires

Checking Tire Tread Depth With PennyNo one wants to have a flat tire on a desolate back road or even on a busy interstate highway. Not only can a flat be dangerous, it can completely ruin the tire or cause damage to the wheel rim. Most flat tires are avoidable especially when you understand how little is involved in maintaining your tires.

When a tire goes flat, the most common cause is that the tread has been worn too thin, thus creating a hole, which results in the tire leaking air or worse, a blowout while you are driving. Tires are made to withstand all kinds of typical road conditions, but the better the tires are taken care of, the longer they will last. The most common factors that cause the tread to be worn too thin are listed below.

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Tire Rotation: Extending The Life of Your Tires

Tire RotationMost people gauge the safety of the tires on their car by the same set of standards, listed below. They ask such questions as:

  • Is there a chance of a blowout or the tread becoming separated?
  • Are they tough enough for the most treacherous of potholes?
  • Will they have proper traction in inclement weather?
  • Will they last long enough to keep me from having to constantly be forking out money for new tires?

Why Rotate Tires

There are several actions that can be taken to lengthen the life of a tire. Most of these measures hinge on driving habits. It is just a simple truth that to burn rubber is to burn money. Tires need to be kept properly inflated. However, the very best way to help expand the life of your tires is to have your tires rotated on a regular basis.

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