What Are Run Flat Tires

Picture yourself driving the freeway, and all of sudden your tire blows out. You struggle to maintain control of the car and finally manage to steer it onto the shoulder of the road. You have a spare, but no jack. You pull out your cell phone and finally reach someone to help, but now with traffic buzzing by, you have to wait until help arrives, and then you will still have to change a tire alongside a potentially dangerous roadway.

What is a Run Flat Tire

That scenario could have turned out much differently if you had some run flat tires on your car. A run flat tire is a special kind of tire that allows the driver to continue driving for a limited number of miles, usually about a hundred miles at speeds up to fifty miles per hour. This type tire gives the driver plenty of leeway to get safely off the road and then drive home or to a mechanic in order to get the tire fixed.

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